The Chicago Public Library

Branding + Identity

Chicago Public Library came to FCB for a few ideas on how to refresh their brand. What they ended up getting was an entire refresh of not only their brand image but their brand voice as well. With minor adjustments to their logo, we were able to create a system that is easy to use for all their branches, and more strongly incorporates the Library's numerous programs and activities into the master brand.

From there we began a simple visual language surrounded by curiosity and knowledge through simple shapes mimicking an open book, and aspirational photography. Where before the library visual brand was a green and white entity without any true method to contain its branches, they now have a usable way finding system that is equally invigorating to look at.





The campaign

To promote the library's rebrand, as well as the Fine Amnesty program, we created a campaign entitled "Welcome Home", a play on the new tagline "Home of the Curious" We used everyday Chicagoans (photographed by Chris Strong) to highlight the wide variety of information available at the library. We based the headlines for each person on actual interviews we conducted with them to keep the campaign as honest as possible.



the owl

We created a mascot for the library based on the owls on the roof of their main branch, the Harold Washington Library. The mascot is created using the same open book quarter circle elements used throughout the brand.



Social Content

We created social content to promote the Fine Amnesty program, during which library members can return overdue books without paying fines. This included illustrations based on classic books paired with clever lines reminding members to return their overdue books.Finally, the bar in the Library's logo can be replaced with different objects that pair with current local festivals and activities.