The Booklet

Is Creative Art in Design Really Needed in this Day of Electronics? — Hermann Zapf Lecture

The Poster

Tradition + Progress


Tradition + Progress is a hypothetical lecture that would be given to SCAD students by typographer Hermann Zapf. The name of the lecture comes from a quote in which Zapf states that

"Tradition and progress must be logically united."

Based on this concept for a lecture, I created a keepsake booklet and promotional poster that would express some of Hermann Zapf’s design philosophy. 

To communicate the philosophy that “tradition and progress must be logically united” I chose two examples of Hermann Zapf’s typeface designs, Zapfino and Optima. Both have strong roots in the past but are modernized in some way. I also included the transcript of a lecture Zapf gave on working with type in the modern, electronic world.