Town Hall / Impact Awards

Town Hall is FCB Chicago’s annual holiday party, featuring The Impact Awards which recognize the best work the agency has produced that year. Winners are given the coveted golden grenade, which has gotten a couple people in trouble with the TSA.

I created promotional materials for the event, and worked with the brilliant motion designer Brian Steckel to produce animations for the awards show. The wild, no-holds-barred look was inspired by the agency walls during a pitch, where ideas are taped 5 deep, torn off, patched together, thrown away, then brought back from the dead. The look has the “there are no bad ideas” attitude of a brainstorm, as I encouraged as many people as possible to send me executions of different titled as copy. Underneath it all, the sensible team of black, white, and Helvetica help to ground the chaos.




All animations by Brian Steckel




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