The Covers

(Left) To Kill a Mockingbird — Film

(Right) To Kill a Mockingbird — Novel

(Left) Apocalypse Now — Film

(Right) Heart of Darkness — Novel

(Left) Adaptation — Film

(Right) The Orchid Thief — Novel

The Posters

The Author & Auteur Collection


The Author & Auteur Collection is a box set I designed of movies packaged along with the books they are based on. They include three Movie/Book pairs, a box and two promotional posters.

The goal of this project was to create a collectible package that makes a statement about the relationship between film and literature, and examines the way an auteur interprets the work of an author. I chose three sets of adaptations: One traditional (To Kill a Mockingbird/ To Kill a Mockingbird,) one non-traditional (Heart of Darkness/ Apocalypse Now,) and one adventurous (The Orchid Thief/ Adaptation.) The cover designs were meant to communicate the deeper meanings of the books and films, while at the same time respecting the similarities and differences between the two mediums.

I designed a logo, set of three covers, box, and two promotional posters.

Gold Medal Winner
SCAD Secession 2015

"Your work is really gorgeous; I'm flattered to have inspired such a great piece of design. "

— Susan Orlean  

author of The Orchid Thief


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