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Locally, France’s is well known as Lincoln Park’s oldest diner. It has a warm, family-friendly atmosphere, quaint and eclectic interior, and serves large portions of Jewish-American comfort food specializing in breakfast. It is a well-loved, inviting restaurant full of tradition and warmth.

When designing the aesthetic of the website, I felt it was important to capture the tradition, family-friendly style, and goofy, eclectic interior of the restaurant, and to not go too trendy and modern with the responsive design. I used larger type, making it easy to read, and used a slab serif that seems like a modernized typewriter font, referencing Frances’ legacy as the oldest diner in Lincoln Park. The site uses a nostalgic, bright but slightly-washed out color palette, and a number of vintage -inspired typefaces that give it the feel of 1930’s-50’s advertising.

Here's the original website...

Here's my redesign