The Brochure

The Travel Notebook


The Business Card

Adventure Katz


Adventure Katz is a travel documentary web series started by film student Joey Katz. It follows Joey as he explores all the dangerous, forgotten, and uncharted outer limits of the world. He stars in short Youtube videos, as well as runs a blog and has an active social network presence on Facebook and Twitter. 

In his series, Joey romanticizes the idea of straying from the beaten path and inspires his audience to do the same. My first challenge was to create a mark that simultaneously communicated the show’s risk-taking sensibility as well as captured the outgoing and eccentric personality of its star. My design also had to take into consideration the millennial target audience of the webseries, and I had to find a way to differentiate his show from the many others like it. 

I designed a logo, brochure with fold-out poster, laser-engraved travel notebook, business card, and "territory marking" stickers.